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April 02, 2011


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chef zadi

hi jenn- yes, april is tagine month!

Jenn @LeftoverQueen

That would be fun. Is tagine month April?

chef zadi

Jenn- Terrific! Yeah, I use my oven safe flameware or clay tagine in the oven for roasting and oven braises too. It works well for vegetable casseroles.

Would be fun to have you and your readers participate in national tagine month. :) exchange recipes, talke about tagine cooking, share tips, adapted uses!

Jenn @LeftoverQueen

I love my tagine and post about it often, in fact I do roast chickens, and make all different kinds of stews in it besides making what we think of when we hear "tagine".


i like tagines that can be used on both the stove top and oven without a diffuser. so, i recommend a portuguese one for $25-$30 (cheap, functional, but pretty fragile) or my flameware tagine (more expensive, but virtually indestructable from normal use)


Your thoughts on self-basting are interesting. Now I have seen various brands of tagines... some are very exclusive ($£¢!) and others are cheap. Do you have a recommendation for both type of tagine, and whether to cook on a stove top or in the oven? Thank you.

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