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My name is Farid Zadi.

I was born in Lyon, France to Algerian parents. Our home town in Algeria is Setif. We are Chaouïa (Shawia), Berbers from the Aures mountains. Another interesting aspect of Setif is that parts of it are at the edge of the Kabyle. However Setif is about equally Arab and Berber, so I benefited from many cultures.

I started in the restaurant business when I was 14 years old in Lyon. I earned my culinary degrees in Paris. I have worked in 5 countries and lived in 6 countries.

My home cooking experience is in the bled (countryside) of Algeria on our family farm in Setif and in the beautiful village of Montmerle near Lyon, France.

I am currently a chef instructor at The California School of Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu Program. I am represent by Endeavor Talent and Literary Agency and am currently writing a series of cookery books about Algeria, Spices, France and Mediterranean cuisines.

I am on the board of Slow Food Pan-Arab, a division of Slow Food International.

If you would like me to review a food related product, cookware or gadgets on this website email me for my mailing address. I offer fair, balanced, honest and contextual reviews. By contextual reviews I mean different cooking applications and environments- for the home cook, professional chef or cooking instructor.

My wife Ji Young Park and I edit all our websites. She is writing 95% of our cookery books and articles. We work together on all our food projects and writing.

I am focused on cooking and food. The technology of cooking food. Ji Young is more interested in food history, politics, economics, etc...


I am married with two beautiful, happy, healthy children. My other passion besides my wife, children and food is soccer.