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August 28, 2005


Farid Zadi

merci, BRIGITTE, l'Algerie est le pays dont on tombe amoureux, y aller et fouler cette terre et un souvenir que l'on garde dans son coeur pour la vie. a tres bientot sur mon blog pour de nouvelles aventures culinaires.
merci encore,farid


j'arrive sur ton blog grâce a celui de Cocinalia.
Mon mari et moi avons vécu enfants, en Algérie, Oran, Alger, Boufarik, j'ai gardé la nostalgie de ce si beau pays où j'ai appris à nager, a faire de la bicyclette etc... je vais 'dévorer " ton blog et te mettre dans mes favoris.

Farid Zadi

Thank you Joey. Comments are most welcome and I'm finding many interesting blogs like yours. It's fascinating to see how people cook allover the world.


These look very delicious! Actually, was looking through your recipes here and they all look and sound so appetizing! Great blog, I'll be dropping by again :-)

Farid Zadi

Salut Carolyn. Yes I am aware of blog appetit. My first participation was with a recipe of moules & oignons.

Yes, there are many tuaregs in Algeria. Tuaregs are also in Niger, Mali, Libya and Burkina Faso.


this is really a great recipe... i enjoy cooking with sheets of brick, this is perfectly crunchy and tastefull !


Are you aware of blog actu for French bloggers? http://www.blog-appetit.com/web_appetit/food-blog-news.asp


Thank you so much for joining thr blogsphere--your pictures of your country and your food are wonderful. And I was particularly just looking for a recipe for preserved lemons. I shall come back often. Are there any Tauregs in your land?

Farid Zadi

Salaam Aleikum Jilal,



Bravo pour ce blog ..bientot le ramadhan ca va me servire ..

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