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August 25, 2005


hanita djaaffar moussa

Hmmm very tempting :D I will definitely try this recipe! but can u buy the preserved lemons instead? I just can't wait for the fact that the process of preserving the lemons takes too loooooong hehe :D I can't wait for much longer my mouth is watering (haha jokes!)

Have been reading through all the comments just for additional info that this recipe does exist in Algeria as well :)) When I visited my mother in law in Algeria who is obviously an Algerian every time we're there this dish served most often that it would stood out the most! It tastes delicious :P



I have only heard of this dish in Algeria and Tunisia.

They make it in Morocco too? I guess you learn something new everyday. :-)

Anis Toumi


The dish exists in Tunisia as well. Tunisia is seperated from Morocco by a huge country called Algeria.

There is nothing particularly Moroccan about the dish. It is a North African dish.

Please stop this nonsensical talk.


What's going on the two blogs? Do we have trolls?

Yanis you must be kidding me. Chicken, preserved lemons and olives exist throughout North Africa. You mean to suggest that in Algeria and Tunisia it never occured to any cook to put those ingredients together in a dish?

I have seen this dish in Algeria and Tunisia.


Yanis are you Moroccan like Chama? You know funny how Algerians and Tunisians never claim to own a dish or to have invented a dish.

What kind of chauvinism is this with our furthes west neighbors?

Farid Zadi

The dish is Algerian and Tunisian as well.

I have made this dish, so has my Aunt all the way at the other end of the Algeria far away from Morocco. She has never read a Moroccan cookbook, never had access to any Moroccans to teach a recipe.

It is a dish of the Magrheb.


I've never heard of that dish in algeria! i think it's moroccan.


johana there are many ways to make chicken with citrons confits and olives the ingredients exist in all the countries of north africa why is there suprise that the dish is in algeria? maybe you have been reading too much in english language about north african cooking mostly written by and for tourists who have been to morocco only and forgets about her neighbors. i am a tunisian living in america besides what argan trees and some fish from the atlantic what do you think moroccan cooking has that doesn't exist in tunisia and algeria?

Farid Zadi


Have you been to Algeria?

A variation of the dish exists in Tunisia as well.


I'm interrested in Moroccan cooking than I know this receipt as one of the most famous from the region of Fez and Meknes.
I don't know that it exist also in algeria????

Farid Zadi

Interesting that you should be bring up limes. Fatemeh brought up the same thing in the preserved lemon post. She wants to try limes for a Persian dish. I've also been thinking about preserving some limes this week.

I think I'll do it following the usual procedure. I can't really think of another way to cure the rinds with enough salt so that they would be edible without making the pulp so salty that it has to be discarded.


I'm glad to see this recipe, so I can ask a question that's only a little off topic. I've made the preserved lemons for several years, but I've often wondered if you could do something similar with limes. Limes have such thin skins, that the usual procedure wouldn't really work, there'd be nothing left to use if you didn't have the pulp. What do you think?



This is one of my favorite dishes, but I've never had it with tomato jam. I've defnitely got to try that.

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