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August 21, 2005



Hey Brother
Im an Algerian from Australia. I am promoting and selling the Algerian Handicrafts in Australia and the world (see details www.BerberoSaharan.com) and I would really love to sell Algerian cookbooks, which I cannot find even on the Internet. Algerians don't like sharing their food with the world, haha.
Can you please help me find Algerian cookbooks to sell.

Algerian Berber Handicrafts online


Salam alikom! I recently moved to North Hollywood, CA. I am looking for markets or restaurants in the area (or in Los Angeles) from Algeria. Can you tell me of a few? Thank you.


This sounds much like the way I juice my tomatoes with a cone-shaped sieve in the summer months. If I need to add sugar how much do you recommend per pound of tomatoes? By the way, the last time I was in Algeria I was introduced to a wonderful appetizer can you tell me what it is called and/or how to make them. They seemed to be small seasoned meatballs inside balls of fried mashed potatoes or breading of some sort. Thank you so much!

Farid Zadi

Hi Lars,

No I have not tried Payless produce. I'll try to get down there soon. But I'm on the other side of town.

I have not been able to find an Algerian restaurant in Los Angeles, either. I should just open one, heh? :-)


Have you tried the Payless Produce Market on Venice Blvd in Palms? It appears to be owned by Moroccans and is Halal. I'm still trying to find an Algerian restaurant here.


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