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August 20, 2005



I just wanted to tell you that I'm used to make khobz eddar with semolina (Durum wheat semolina i buy in Canada)and yeast of course with a little bit of olive oil and 1 egg and sesame seeds(optional) and it's delicious.

I'm from algiers but I have friends from Sétif and I lived with very nices neighbours from Setif and believe I'll neither forget the kesra of khalti Zohra (allah yarhamha) when I was young.
Nice website, good luck!


I loved when i found this site as it has helped me so much, im marrying an Algerian an want to cook some of his favorite things one which happens to be kesra........ thank you so much!
This is guaranteed to make him very happy :)

Farid Zadi

Salut Yolanda,

j'ai fait la salade de carottes pour toi aujourd'hui,je vais poster les photos.a bientot

Yolanda Donavon

~~~~~~ Bonjour,

Je recherche la recette de Carottes crues, épicées, servies dans les "Bistros" å Paris, å l'heure de l'apéritif.
Elles sont coupées en tranches tres fines et tres épicées...yum !

Ed McGaugh

"The art and soul of cooking is largely intuitive, it is about knowing what something should taste like, look like, feel like and smell like."

Perfectly said Farid! I could not agree more! I have spent most of my adult life trying to recreate the flavors I experienced when I lived in the Middle East. Knowing what "it should" have tasted like was my only recipe. The rest was trial and error. But what a lovely learning experience it has been.

Thank you very much for making this blog.

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