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September 22, 2005


Manon Plouffe

This site is great! I used to live in Montreal and my favourite restaurant used to be called 'Au Coin Berbere'. For the past week I've been salivating for a 'brik a l'oeuf' and somehow found your site. I have just started a new catering business where I organise themed evening serving food from around the world. You have inspired me to organise an Algerian night. I'd love to come and learn from you but sadly I am based in England... Our evenings are usually accompanied with some form of entertainment from the country we are cooking from, could you kindly suggest some ideas for us please? Thank you!


What types of side dishes do you recommend with pastilla?


I agree with everything said here. I was so afraid to try to make Pastilla because the other recipes make it seem so hard and complicated. But the chef has explained it so simply and the photos gonna help alot!

Farid Zadi

Salut Becky,

Thank you for the compliments! Please enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions.


Hi there,
I just love your site/blog. I am Irish-American and my boyfriend is Algerian.
We are in France and so I am very pleased to find your site. I am trying to learn
to cook Algerian to keep my sweetie happy :-) Thanks for the lovely, easy to follow

And yes, you have gorgeous children and a lovely mother in law :-)
Any good Mongolian recipes to share?

Rebecca Lyne


you know how to cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My mother makes a fish pastilla, with lots of herbs.


I like your recipes because you present dishes that other Algerian cookbook writers don't know about. I think maybe because you are a professional, you lived on a farm with lots of ingredients, you know more about Algerian cooking than the others do. I like your photos too, very easy to follow recipes. We are all proud of you mon frere.


algerian pastillas so good. i like a spicy version my mom makes. it has olives and citron confit in it with pignons.


i can't believe a man can cook good like you. how come you know so much about algerian cooking. i am impressed, very impressed. you are doing an honor for us. you are showing the world our beautiful dishes.

France already knows and other parts of europe. but in the UK and the States they don't know. they think they are eating moroccan when they are being served Algerian and Tunisian style.


i always like Algerian pastilla much more. I don't like sweet things on my pastilla. i don't like cannelle either. i like the way you make it, easy methodes.

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