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September 08, 2005



Thank you great article : Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Where can we find the Algerian olive oil? If in the Los Angeles area please let me know, but I wouldn't mind the web, and had no luck looking for it on the internet except for alibaba..but that is in bulk.

Farid Zadi

Yes, you can use walnuts or even peanuts. Both are traditional.

I suppose if you want to add it to a pasta dish, you can heat the chili whole, slice and garnish the pasta with it. If you want to eat with a chicken dish, you could use it as a garnish then.

Farid Zadi

Hi Carolyn,

Traditionally it's served as a kemia/meze dish to be enjoy with bread. It's also eaten as a relish/condiment of sorts.

It's traditional to tear off pieces of flat bread to use as a scoop for food or to place bits of several dishes that are on the table such as a brochette, some salad greens, peppers onto a piece of flat bread and roll it up to enjoy different flavors and textures in one bite.


My husband, who is a chili fan, will love this. I have walnuts to use. How would the chilies be used after preserving? As slices in a pasta or a chicken dish?

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