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September 28, 2005



I read a recipe that uses bread dough? to thicken(Morrocan?) also one that marinates lamb in lemon juice over night. The latter of which made me curious enough to investigate the various preparations of this dish. This preparation seems to me to contain many ingredients. Pasta and white beans?
(spices similar toones used in Tunisia for cous cous.) Are there simpler recipes used in Algerian Harira? marco


I had harira when i was in Morocco and it was a little bit different: there was rice, lamb, cick peas, lentils (no beans), coriander, parsley, saffron, ground cinnamom, ground ginger, paprika, butter and yeast. It was one of my favourite soups.

Wandering Coyote


Thanks for visiting my blog, ReTorte. I apologize for the misinformation regarding the origins of Harira. It makes sense: I had it for the first time in a Moroccan restaurant. Your recipe looks very different from anything I've had. I first had this in a Moroccan restaurant in Quebec City called "au the du sahara" or something similar (I cannot remember the exact words in French). It was vegetarian and absolutely excellent.

I have a lot to learn, I know.

Farid Zadi

Hi Faust,

There are versions with no vermicelli. Some have rice. I've never had a version thickened with semolina couscous, but yes it is likely that a cook would do that if vermicelli or rice were not available. Also bulghur wheat is a pretty common addition, maybe that was what you had. We steam bulghur wheat like couscous too.


my first comment here

i remember an iftar harira from very long ago. it had chickpeas and chicken. it was rather garlicky. it was thickened with eggs, i suppose and had a hint of saffron. it didnt have vermicilli, but i think there was couscous in it.

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