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September 07, 2005



Greetings Chef Zadi! Love your pages, learning alot! Question: When I was in Algeria, right after I had my son ... my husband's family made me every morning a delish bread ... my husband called khbouz ifteer (bread if breakfast in his words)I was told it made for new mothers to build up the strength (from the semoule) I asked what was in the bread ... and the ingredient list vaguely looks like the above kesra ... I was wondering if it is one and the same. And if not, could you possibly post a recipe for this wonderful morning delight. Thank you in advance! Nikoletta in Hungary


hi Zaid
i have read the articla on the Saudi aramco world magazine .. its rather intresting , i icculy apechaite the way you interdusing algerian food
good lack and all the bust mate!!
kamel from sydney


my husband is kabyle so i second the winter kesra of kabylie comment, which is how i am familiar with it. Yummy extra virgin olive oil...my mother in law comes back with gallons upon gallons and passes homemade oil out to her children scattered across Europe. They call it " 'aroum' "


Merci chers farid pour ce posting ?la kessra algerienne comme beaucoup d'autres recettes anciennes,meritent d'en parlé..

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