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September 12, 2005


Carol Bouabid

Assalum Alikum--Thank you for your wonderful blog. My husband is Algerian and during Ramadan he craves a dessert called " Khubaloos". I know I am not spelling it right. It sounds like (Cub-ual-loose) He does not know how to spell it either. It is made w/coarse semonlina. It is browned on the top, with a layer of what looks and smells like the Baklawa filling in the middle. It is very moist with the same orange water honey syrup. Do you have a recipe for it? Or do you know how to spell it so I may try to find it?


I am searching for a recipe that my boyfriend remembers from his youth. He spent a few years in Algeria, and remembers his family travelling hours just to have.

It is somewhat like a brulee - a custardy dessert, but a little stickier. He remembers that the name was something like Malecott, malequot, mallecotta, malequoc... but his memory is a little vague...

If I can find this recipe, he says he will marry me. So if anyone knows of it, please share it with me.


je ne parle pas anglais mes je parle francais et arab


This is a wonderful recipe! The fingers were a hit! I am not a very good cook and this turned out very delicious. Thank you, thank you! I made it for a friend from Algeria, he called them "Cigars". The recipe is just right, I will definitely make it again. All I added are almond pieces for deco sprinkled on top of honey.


You can use spring roll wrappers. Depends on the kind. In America I have noticed that the commercial varieties are thicker than the ones I get in Asia. If you have trouble rolling them Obachan just make them longer, into "cigars"

I don't like sweets much, so I add less sugar, like the chef says, "add to taste". But the East Asian in me does like the nuts with sugar. Yummy!


Cette recette je crois qu'on l'apelle aussi 'EL BOUREK"


I found this site just the other day and I love it very much. This one looks like something I can try out here...though I would have to use spring roll wrappers.


Thank you Mohammed, I'll try it with phyllo wrap and bake them. I'll let you know how they turn out. B


SP, brik are pastry leaves, made by tapping a dough of semolina flour on a hot pan, nobody makes it at home in North Africa, we just buy it from the local maker or packaged at supermarkets. If you are in Europe they are available at the North African stores. In France you can find them at regular supermarkets. When I was living in America they weren't availbe, not they are. If you can't find them use phyllo pastry instead. Either way, yes you can bake them. Brush them with clarified butter first. Put in hot a oven, I can't remember exact temperature I think 350F unti good golden colour comes.


Hi, I love these, I've only had them once and I would like to make them.

Question, what are brik leaves? and instead of frying can I bake them instead?

Thank you so much.



This looks simple and tasty! I think I prefer sweet fried rolls (like this one, and a native one we have here that has banana inside) over savory (like spring rolls).


Merci beaucoup pour cette recette! La grand-mere de mon mari etait d'Oran et elle les faisait comme ca je crois, mais je n'ai jamais eu les proportions. Je vais enfin pouvoir essayer.


Oh, almonds! Something tells me this will go well with vanilla ice cream.

We have something similar done with cooking bananas. Many restaurants now serve it à la mode.


Je ne parle pas l'anglais ou très mal et espère pouvoir lire des recettes en français ! Est-ce possible ?

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