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September 03, 2005



Oh this sounds wonderful. My algerian sisters-in-law made a dish similar. We ate it with bread, but I really can't handle eating too much bread. Is there something else to serve this with?

Farid Zadi

Hi Danielle,

Yes I have several recipes for Algerian almond cakes which I will post.

But to recreate a special dish of someone's mother made in a certain place and time, clouded with golden memories... ;-)

We will try.

danielle vachon

I'm from Quebec city, Canada and my best friend is Algerian. He always talking about the almond cake of his mother. Do you have a recipe of that kind of cake? thanks a lot!


Harira ce mange aussi pendant le ramadhan la meilleurs "selon moi"
est la chorba bel brick=a base de blé concassée..
Certains regions le font avec des vermicelles..


Harira too for Ramadan. Farid post a recipe for harira!


This is a delicious, sweet lamb dish traditionaly eaten during Ramadan.

Farid Zadi

Thank you Joey.

I really believe that the range of Algerian cooking and flavors makes it's very appealling globally. My Korean in laws just adore it, usually with Harisa of course! I made them brik bil tunn and they couldn't stop eating it and they love plain buttered couscous.


This sounds great...I really enjoy these types of dishes and am no stranger to sweet food...Filipinos generally like a little sweetness in their savory dishes :-)

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