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September 25, 2005



I recently visited my family's birthplace in Tunisia and I had Zlebia. I would like to know how to make them. They are my absolute favorite sweet!


recettes de ramadhan


the best beghrir in algeria is jijelien I tried a lot but the jijelien is delicious and the best in the maghreb.


j'aimerais avoir tes recettes assalamou alaykoum


hello I would like to know how to make Algerian "beghir" ? because i have one marocan


all the best


That's good to know that you can make malawi with regular bread flour. I can't wait to try out your Ramadan recipes!

Farid Zadi

Yes we make khleea and Keddid. I have recipes for those as well as the rghaif etc...

yes, baghir is made with semolina flour.

I don't know which flour your husband's family used, but i use bread flour for malawi.


In Algeria, do you make khleea, the preserved meat?

In Fes, Morocco, my in-laws always made malawi (also known as rghaif, sometimes made with khleea-- flaky pancakes) and bghrir (pancake with a thousand holes) to break the fast-- I'd love to know how to make any of those-- khleea, malawi, or rghaif-- for my husband, who will be fasting. I think bghrir is made with semolina, which I can find, but my husband thinks the flour used for malawi is not available here in the US...


Farid pour la recette du zalabia elle est poster sur mon forum tu peux l'essayer pour le moi du ramadhan..


Génial, encore des recettes sympa à venir.
Par solidarité je commence un régime en période de Ramadan.
Vivement la fin pour la "grande bouffe" :-))

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