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October 24, 2005



salam alaycoum

madabik can you show me how to make Kalb ellouz because i tried and did not succeed


umm hasheem

essalam alaikum,

can you please post a recipe for almond fruit? i keep messing up mine, and would like exact measurements.

what does it matter

ChefD, I was reading your post on e-gullet. (BTW , you're probably wondering but the reason why I don't respond there is because I'm not a member.) I was really proud of you with your "Speaking of generalizations" response. I suppose I wrongly was expecting a sarcastic response. I consider myself to be a "typical" American. I don't have British ancestors , in fact my ancestors arent' European at all. I'm quite sensitive to generalizations and at times offended when I hear people stereotyping Americans because I'm American as are my parents, my friends, my neices and nephews etc. I also think that my future children will be American and when I hear insults I suppose I take it personally. I grew up eating a variety of foods . My upbringing sounds similar to the way your children are raised as expressed in the post. I was raised with an appreciation of food and dining that I still have today. Someone recently asked me about American food and I had a difficult time defining it. After taking a look in my pantry and a few other Americans pantry I realized that the term "American food was quite broad. When I was old enough to cook and experiment in the kitchen I noticed what a small world it really is. Just recently my mother and I were discussing similarities between Mexican, some Middle Eastern , and Indian cuisines. A friend recently made her grandmothers butter chicken for me and I was struck by it's similarity to a Mexican dish. Anyway, I'm rambling but i just wanted to comment on your response. I don't know if you are an American or not but you my dear chefdazi are the tpical American as are your wife and children. And I mean that as a compliment.
Also , I'd like to say your food looks wonderful and I recently made your Algerian Pastilla (as opposed to the sweet/safory version I've had )and it was incredible.
PS: next time I post I'll use my normal name. Oh and I did sympathize with Andy, I know how he feels. Seems I'm not the only one who can be sensitive ;)

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