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October 01, 2005



looks good baraka ALLAHU feek


i wanna gateau ta3 l'aid , please new recepies


I was interested in this cake because of the name. My mother-in-law taught me how to make a cake that was eaten at coffee/tea time. She called it mbesses, but there were no eggs used in it at all. Just semolina, butter and sweetened water. Have you heard of this? Do you have a written recipe for this? I would be interested in it. She also made this mbesses with a date filling. But it was not cut up like makrout.

Farid Zadi

Hi Anneliesse

I'm so sorry to hear about your cake. Diluting the yeast in warm water and waiting for it to bubble is called "proofing" ensuring the yeast is active. I have yet to have commercial yeast used before the expire date fail on me. You could have used bad yeast.

Another thing possibility is that my directions were unclear. I read them again and see that I did not clearly state that the pan should be removed from heat and that the dough should be allowed to rise until double in volume at room temperature BEFORE cooking. During cooking it will rise more.

Let me know what happened. Again, apologies if it was my fault for being unlcear with the directions.


My attempt was a complete failure :(- totally flat. I followed your steps exactly also. Should I have diluted the yeast in warm water before hand perhaps?

Farid Zadi

I warn you it's a very dense, heavy cake. Good for the desert! ;-)

It's really a very old cake recipe, easy to make anywhere. I like it alot. Like most Algerians I like things made with semolina flour.


I like the end result!

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