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August 31, 2007


Pamela Aissaoui

Chef Zadi, I have been looking for a place to purchase a tadjine for stove-top cooking my matloua3. The one I had in Algeria was cast aluminum and was great for swirling the bread around to cook the sides and give it a nice round shape. Any ideas of where to find a pan like this in America? Maybe you could add this to your Amazon store? Please please? Assalaam alaykoum.

heni@simplicity's table by the sea

You are completely right about the lead warning; I too at first wanted so badly to use a tadjine here but after realizing that it may harm me I only have my tadjines and other traditional serves for display only; unfortunatly.

I prefer the cast iron tadjnes they are making now. i got one from France which i love!


Thank you for linking my blogspot. I saw tagine at cookware store, I wanted to buy but no idea what I'm going to make. Thank you for your review :)


wayne raha assahra.matan sanach


keep working hard.you did good job,next time,test the recipes from the south.it's great!


Farid - Thank you for the comparison. What a pity Algerian tagines are not easily available here, if at all. Good note re: testing for lead - I would not have thought of it otherwise.

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