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September 28, 2007



That sounds like a fantastic idea.

Delacour Hakkar habiba


hakim talbi

It's absolutely true what you are saying. Algerian food is totally changing and each year I see the influence of TV and travelers on the old Algerian dishes.
Also most of the ingredients changed because of their cost on the market an people are just inventing new cheap ways to make cakes for example.
But if you really know the Algerian cuisine you understand that Algerian dishes differ from one city to another one.
And some dishes are only local secrets like Constantine.
Just if you take the example of couscous you are going to find hundreds of kinds from East to West and North to South.
Or the hrira of Oran don't exist in Constantine or the bradj of Constantine is only made in Spring time.
That's why I prefer if you focus on the local kitchen like Constantine, Jijel, Algiers, Oran or Tlemcen and see what's new on it.

Rachel Laudan

This kind of information is so hard to find, Farid. Thanks so much. Is vanilla going to take over the world?



Bonjour Chef Zadi,

I'm Linda and it's with a great pleasure that i'm discovering your blog :)
During the Ramadan time, i like to get closer to my roots (like you, my parents are from Algeria)by eating more traditional food from our culture (I often go to "La Bague de Kenza" in Paris to buy kesra, sfenj or baghrir). Thanks to the many recipes displayed, it's a great opportunity to learn much more on North African cuisine and try of course! I added your blog on my favorites cooking websites. I'm also really glad about your success in the USA.

Good luck Chef Zadi :)


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