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September 15, 2007



These things look gorgeous and I am sure are delicious. I'm bookmarking these to try this weekend.

Thanaporn Boonloh B.B.A.

We have been looking for an easy to make borderline sweet bread for the bakery part of Ma-Sa-Man Cooking School & Bakery in Bangkok.

We'll have to give this a try.

fatima djelti

i just made the Semolina Bread it was soooo ez to make, & it is soooo good. thank you.


great recipe - thanks!


have been searching for a recipe for harsha, have made it exactly as they do in households in Maroc, but never the same here! am about to try your recipe and hope it works. tks


Well, I've made this bread twice now- the first time it came out nicely and my husband promptly declared that indeed, it was like "harsha" (a good thing...) and when my mother in law saw it through our webcam she recommended addding anise seeds...which I did the second time around and it's made a really delicate but lovely odor in the kitchen...now I'm waiting for the bread to cool for our dinner and want to thank you again for posting this simple and delicious recipe.


Mmm, this looks delicious. Is this similar to Moroccan "harsha" bread? (At least, that's what I know it as in Moroccan darija...) Thank you for the recipe! How I love the limitless variety of North African breads!


I can only find the very fine semolina flour in my area...how do I modify the recipe so it will work?


Looks like it would be good with melted butter, nice recipe. If you ever wanna check out some other recipes to try http://www.lovemyphilly.com is a cool blog to check out.

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