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November 21, 2007



Hi there you have a wonderful website. :-)


Salaam, Farid--

Though you and some of your readers know us on ALMOSTITALIAN.COM, we also write more broadly about the Old World on our other food blog.
Peposo notturno, a peppery Tuscan stew that goes back to at least the 15th century http://skiplombardi.org/blog/recipes/peposo-alla-fornicina/
is our current post on our general food and culture blog, Sarasota Soundings. Since you are as entranced by spice as we are, I wanted to ask you what the nearest cousin to peposo would be in Algeria? I'm sure there is one, and I wonder if it tends to the robust or delicate! Peposo, with its ample amount of black pepper (though no other spice) is definitely in the former category. I know the Moroccan "bachelor" preparation of lamb chunks cooked in clay in the embers of the hamam fires, while in Turkey, there are similar slow-cooked treatments for lamb; my favorite is with heads of romaine lettuce and lots of dill. But spicy it is not.

You see,I've sort of "bracketed" Algeria here, and I would like to know more about both the technique and ingredients of any slowly baked stews that may persist in Algeria.

Mabrouk on the fragrant release of your spice blends!

Holly (at) almostitalian (dot) com

Zareefa La Noor

I read about you in Saudi Aramco.
As a middle eastern dancer and avid cook who loves ethnic foods, I felt compelled to check your website out. I love it. Your knowledge and extensive discussions about Algerian cuisine and how it related to other/nearby cuisines are impressive.
Please let me know when you will be in Miami, Florida. I would love to cook with you one day.

robert fremont

We traveled in Algeria this past March with an archaelogical group and we loved the food especially the soups which we now make like Loubia and a chicken/saffron dish Djedj b'L-Qasbur. We stopped for lunch in Sétif and had excellent lamb served with couscous.We read your article in Saudi Aramco World.


I found out about Zadi from reading the Aramco Magazine, December issue. I got so excited to learn that finally an Algerian/berber chef is making his strides in the big USA ,and eventually around the world.
My algerian/berber/turkish and spaniard roots come handy in being creative in preparing meals. I am looking forward to learn from your school of culinary, and have my friends and family learn from a rich and colorful ancient traditions and civilizations.

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